Teach something about NFL Jerseys that you don’t know

With the high popular NFL football play, many people become the fans of NFL teams and players. In order to show their love and support to their idols, they wear a kind of clothing called NFL Jerseys. More and more fans and other people wear them, but how much do you know about them? Now, I will tell you that you can distinguish fake from genuine.


Now the supplier of NFL jerseys is Reebok. Genuine NFL jerseys can be divided into three categories, from low to high are: offset fan version (Replica Jersey), high-level fan edition (Premier Jersey / EQT Jersey), and player version (Authentic). The main difference of these jerseys is on the following aspects: jersey fabric, number fabric, type.


I would like to tell true jersey from false, hope this helpful. Turn the inside jersey outwards to observe the embroidery part. The genuine jerseys embroidery shows up in "Z" shape, and embroidered very smooth on the jersey, almost cannot be felt while you touch it. The fake ones number is tiny sewn directly to the clothes. When you observe carefully, you will find that genuine Hawks player's jersey has black "Z"; it is this thread that connects the number to the jersey, and thus enable the wearer feel very comfortable without have any sense of rugged.


Replica jersey: it looks like player version, but the fabric, number and type is very different from the player version. Replica jerseys fabric is thin, number, player name, team marked on the sleeves, the sleeves of the circle, and the Reebok logo are replica. From the point of jersey type, replica-type version jersey is suitable for ordinary wear, rather than player version which need protectors. Replica jerseys forward swing is shorter than backward extension. This kind of jersey is relatively cheap.


Premier Jersey / EQT Jersey: it also belongs to fans jersey. Compared to replica jersey, the Premium jerseys fabric is thicker; all of the numbers and the names of the players are single-layer embroidered. But the marks of the team, the circle on the sleeves, and the Reebok logo are also offset and it is equally suitable for ordinary wear.


Authentic jersey: player jersey is the top one, all fabrics, and numbers materials are the same with the real players on the field. Thick fabric, but it's comfortable; all numbers are multi-embroidery; team logo is directly broider on the clothes; team logo and the Reebok logo on the sleeve is sewn on clothes with embroidered cloth; the circle on the sleeve is replica. Here the "multi-embroidery" refers to each color on the number is sewn by a superposition of cloth, this kind of number is very strong and durable, moreover, there are a strong sense of hierarchy, but there are many teams whose number has only one color. Actually jerseys that the players wearing are specifically tailored for the players, clothing types are based on actual needs. Authentic football jersey is volume available, so there is still a bit different with the one that wearing on the player.

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